Meet Our Bands


The Rap Nation UK

The Rap Nation UK aka The Gang is a division of the Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry United Kingdom, and it is a conglomerate of multitalented artists in the Loveworld nation. Their aim is to present the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the man of God Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome in a unique way and style.

Their message is filled with scripture based powerful lyrics, accompanied with catchy hooks and unique sounding flow from each member of the team, making it almost impossible not to sing/dance along when their songs are being played. Their aim is to reach an international audience of all race, age and culture with their unique message in form of rap music.

The team consists of members from 6 different countries, and they minister frequently in front of tens of thousands of excited live audience at venues like the SSE Arena – London UK, the LCA; a 25,000 seater auditorium in Lagos, Nigeria to name a few. Rap Nation UK was put together by the Coordinator of the LMAM International Secretariat, Pastor Soskie Omoregie and is managed by Loveworld All Star – Frank Fytt.

Crowds are always happy to see the Rap Nation grace the stage to bless the mic as it is always an unforgettable experience whenever that happens. Watch out for The Gang in the year 2020, as they have some exciting projects coming up that will blow your mind.


  • Teknon
  • Debonair
  • God’s Gift
  • Jesse Messenger
  • Christ Radical
  • Jaymeir bohdan
  • Calmz

The Ano!nted Band

Meet the Ano!nted
A vision born of the Holy Spirt!

The Ano!nted are a musically gifted group, full of the Word and running with the mandate, vision and mission of the Man of God Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DSc, D.D. The band was put together by the coordinator of the LMAM UK – the Esteemed Pastor Soskie Omoregie and is managed by Loveworld All Star – Helen King.

Members of the band are – Ayo, M.a.s Musiq, Precious, Chimmy-Choo, Diandria-Neon, Delove and VHKeys.

These ingenious individuals delight in sharing their love for God through specially crafted unique lyrics, sounds and melodies. As you listen to their vibrant and electrifying sound; you will be translated to a new level of worship and praise. Music by the Ano!nted, will never leave you the same.

Get ready for a mighty upgrade!


Sound Of Grace

Meet the Sound Of Grace. A musical group with a unique sound united in Spirit, Love and Harmony. These incredibly talented individuals are set to stir your Heart and Soul with songs of the spirit. Their inspiration stems from their Love for the Lord Jesus and the teachings from our Man Of God, Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome PhD, D.Sc, D.D.

Sound Of Grace was put together by the Coordinator of the LMAM International Secretariat, Pastor Soskie Omoregie and is managed by Loveworld All Star – Mike-Moss.

Members include Mike-Moss, Naffymar, KingVinity, Pam-Mos, Princess-Chi and Ese.

LMAM UK Protostars

The LMAM UK has embarked on a bold new initiative to groom the stars of tomorrow- the LMAM UK Protostars.

This unique and and gifted group of singers are set to be the future trailblazers of music ministry.

The LMAM UK Protostars is also the birthing place of the Loveworld Next UK Band: a collective of songwriters, producers, musicians, and creative individuals, who are full of the Spirit of God and radiate His beauty and excellence.

The pioneer of the LMAM UK Protostars is the coordinator of LMAM International Secretariat Pastor Soskie Omoregie, and they are managed by Loveworld All Star – Minister Chits.

Keep watching this space for regular updates and more information about the LMAM UK Stars of Tomorrow.