Our Pioneers

Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DSC, DD.

The Man of God and President of the Loveworld Inc, is our Father, Life Coach, Teacher and No 1 Music Minister/Producer. The LMAM is a vision birthed by the Spirit of God through our Most Esteemed Pastor Chris and we are taking over the world with music and creative arts as inspired by the messages and teachings of the Man of God from the United Kingdom to nations all over the earth.

Evangelist Kathy Woghiren

The Director of the Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry is the Highly Esteemed Evangelist Kathy Woghiren. She is also the Director of the Loveworld Creative Arts Academy and Chairman of Loveworld Records Label spanning several continents in countries all around the world. The writer of several award winning songs including the top notch “Loveworld Anthem”, ‘Evange’, as fondly called by members of the LMAM, has groomed and produced countless Mega-Superstars amongst which are THE LMAM UK ALL STARS.

Pastor Soskie Omoregie

The Coordinator of the LMAM International Secretariat is none other than the Esteemed Pastor Soskie Omoregie.  She is aslo the General Manager of the Office of the Director for LMAM International Affairs Loveworld Inc. Our PSO as fondly called by members of the LMAM, is the LMAM coordinator of the International Regions, pioneering and establishing the LMAM structure in these regions. She also coordinates mass choirs, teams, bands, special groups and countless individual Music Ministers, Stars and Protostars in the UK and across the International regions.

Our Mission

To take the divine presence of our Lord Jesus Christ to the peoples of the earth and to demonstrate the character of the Spirit through our music and the creative arts.

The LMAM is driven by a passion for souls, both in the Church and in the world.

To us in the LMAM, music and the arts are powerful tools for evangelism, soul winning, healing and the ministration of the Word in such a way that the gospel is forever beautifully engraved in the hearts of our audience.

Our Vision

The LMAM is committed to fully unlocking the power of music and the arts in our ministers. These gifts are harnessed in such a way that beyond ministering in the excellence of these thoroughly groomed gifts, we minister in the fullness of power and demonstration of the Spirit. Our music & arts ministrations  achieve the same divine results as the unique gospel preached in this great ministry.

In the LMAM, we raise ministers who are established in the Word and burning with a passion to reach the world with the gospel in our very unique way; through music and the arts.

Our Strategy

The Loveworld Music & Arts Ministry (LMAM) is the ministry arm of Loveworld Inc. which co-ordinates every aspect of the ministry related to music and creative arts.


2017          No Other Place

Single Release

2017          Flourishing People

Single Release

2018          Clarion Call: Expressions of Worship

Album Release

2019          Shining

Single Release

2019          Your All

Single Release